image by Mark Levin

I believe having the will to move combined with freedom of expression can afford you health of body and mind and gives you something other than purpose
Purpose is what we are told we need in order to survive and creates a desire to keep doing until we burn out

A suitable practice enables us to be non competitive and our true selves. So when all else around us tell you ‘you need purpose’ or ask what is your why, that your mental health requires you to be doing something, you are cultivating peace of mind. if we all did this life as we know it would be abundant, vibrant and we would focus on feeding each other and enjoying every moment

The above photo captures a tong zi gong pose I specialised in when I trained in Kung Fu. The training was typically for young males, I was 30 when I started to learn this style. I have always believed I can do anything.
I simply do what I want to do and what feels good

I continue to train to enable optimal health, avoid healthcare services, overcome traumatic life events, to achieve physical goals like flick ups and back tucks. Also to heal from injuries (head and face trauma, abdominal surgery and impact during sport)

Practicing skills helped me release self doubt and revealed my heart felt desires – true life alignment

As well as performance and martial arts. I trained as a lover, fighter, and healer, learning several disciplines around the world

see my relevant experience and to discuss your goals or book a session please call me on 07970739072