Programmes and sessions to book

I am available to book for the following sessions only

Self defence, conditioning, learn and practice multiple disciplines. Understand skills, application and philosophy, form healthy habits, up level your game, gain fight fitness and/or learn to heal, sessions can include trauma awareness and do not have to include contact (individuals, workshops and group sessions)

beginner to advanced yogic asana, pranayama and other yoga limbs, with low impact martial arts and dance conditioning all to music, learn a routine and how to achieve the asana you want, body intelligence, absolute core and therapeutics. (individuals, workshops and group sessions)

dance experiences with niche DJs or Spotify, dress up, bare feet, deep healing dance and cathartic meditation movements for those wanting to let go and become / be their true self and achieve a fully orgasmic energetic being (individual work available) group sessions online

personalised therapeutic movement sessions to target sickness or pain, can include Thai/Taoist massage
this is a gift that enables you to manage health, control your wellbeing, achieve
health (121 individual only)

Programmes for transformation

Individual Warrior; combine all above and include massage, dynamic meditation (including dance) or hypnotherapy video/session, for a transformative programme pricing varies

Emerging Warrior; 8 yogic arts sessions online, 1 dynamic meditation, 1 massage, 1 dance play list, duration approx 1 month, cost £440

♾ tailored and now EW testimonial; The program that Lucy designed for me established exactly what I was hoping for: it cultivates strength in a way that I not only feel like I’m strong, but know that I am from the inside and out – developing that inner confidence and belief in myself. The mixture of martial arts, dance, and yoga really enabled this journey and allowed me to know myself in a way I have not previously experienced. Being the first time I have ever had any sort of coaching or been involved in any programs of the kind, Lucy has a calm and soothing demeanour that immediately put me at ease, but she is also exceptional at knowing when and how far to encourage me to see progress in my abilities. I truly look forward to each and every session and am pleased with how much I am growing with each new experience. Tonya ♾

Other collaborative endeavours include

tree / seed planting and movement for all with Grow Cheshunt, Plot 55 show up Fridays or Saturdays
a chance to meet others and do as much as you can / want with a sense of achievement and community

YOGA / YOG online
sign up @ StormitTV £7.95 monthly subscription
short, accessible, in your own home, intro to yoga

Contact Lucy 07970739072


DISCOUNTED float therapy salt water float tank. Plus collaboration with a plant based nutritionist