The joy of connection.

Michael and I


Life impacts us on a cellular level. Energy is everywhere.

I give massage to enable you to feel good, to take rest, gain intelligence about anatomy, understand yourself, provide relief from every day life, release trauma, expose your energy.

We have the ability to thrive and be responsible for ourselves. Which means less strain on health services. Imagine a world in which we all understand we have tools we can use to look after eachother. No fear of disease and death. Just good nutrition, vibration and intention.

QI NEI ZANG (pronounced chi-nee-zang and pictured above) deeply detoxifying massage which focuses on the abdominal organs and meridian lines. We will learn about gut health. Organ function. Breathing techniques and posture. Something special designed to give more energy and health in both your body and mind.

THAI massage with YOGA restorative yoga asana with massage and adjustments to gain a deeper knowledge of your body and its abilities – working together for relief and intelligence.

REMEDIAL full body massage for relaxation working with SLS Therapy lay down and chill, let me distract you from your real life.

REFLEXOLOGY on hands, feet, meridians for a floaty chilled vibe, sound sleep and better energy flow.




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