qi nei zang

QNZ is full body work that increases energy, blood, oxygen flow into organs and cells to encourage balance for optimal health.

benefits include:
promotion of gut health, healthy reproductive organs, orgasmic energy, increased mobility, relief from tension, improved organ function, reveals trauma for relief, increased general well being, improved circulation, gland and lymphatic drainage, learning orgasmic energy, hormone and mind balance, injury recovery/prevention, increased energy and flow, teaches self massage and self care, includes meditation, breathing techniques, empowers you, helps make your health priority, creates space and lust for new habits, provides a deeper relationship with yourself

I studied with Mantak Chia and Healing Hands Ken with his Muay Thai warriors in Chiang Mai Thailand. Learning how to chase ‘sick winds’ or blocks from the body to enable free flowing energy and promote rest, relaxation and vibrancy

My teachers studied western medicine, martial arts and Taoism and gave me a an insight into the human form that makes sense, works and that I deeply value and share
Taoists believe that sickness starts in the gut and pain is showing us where flow is required. We learnt to chase disease from the body, leaving conditions for us to regenerate

This is a very special treatment to me that far outweighed any other and enabled me to overcome trauma like sporting injuries, appendicitis/septicemia and bulimia. And, to be free of scar tissue, pain and most of all, doubt
We transform negativity and emotions into vitality with deep inner work

“Where intention goes, energy flows”
I am excited to share this with you

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