qi nei zang

QNZ is abdominal massage and full body work that increases qi/chi, life, blood, oxygen flow into organs to encourage balance and health. This is a simple intelligent treatment that offers many benefits.

“The core can be the root of weakness or the source of limitless potential”


Lucy studied with Mantak Chia in Thailand and vowed to come back home and practice on those closest to her. This is a very special treatment that enabled her to overcome trauma like appendicitis and bulimia. And, to be free of scar tissue, pain and doubt.

Benefits include; vitality, tension release, emotional content, fertility, relaxation, trust, detoxification, improved circulation, pain relief, flexibility, openness, sensitivity.

Book a QI NEI ZANG massage today. Lucy requires a consultation before this treatment begins to discuss your needs. Caution may change your life!

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