I offer QI NEI ZANG massage
benefits include:
! promotes gut health
! healthy reproductive organs
! increases mobility
! offers relief from tension
! improved organ function
! exposes trauma for relief
! increases general well being
! stimulates gland, hormone and mind
! injury recovery/prevention.
! increases energy and flow
! teaches self massage and self care
! includes meditation, breathing techniques
! empowers you
! helps make your health priority
! creates space and lust for new habits
! provides a deeper relationship with yourself

Includes: 3-5 day detox and prep, nutrition discussion, movement or meal plan optional, microcosmic orbit and or yoga pranayama, QNZ I treatment and to follow up QNZ II with further therapy guidance if required

Suitable for all, athletes, workers, spiritual teachers, anyone who suffers with pain and wants to get to the guts of it.

Initial consult and treatment £100 and £50-75 thereafter

“The core can be the root of weakness or the source of limitless potential” LUCY


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