Hi I am Lucy
I have trained in Yogic Arts. Shaolin Kung Fu. Passing through a retreat and orphanage in Thailand where I remembered my passion for healing arts. I danced with wild women, training with the real life Muay Thai warriors in Chang Mai. I learnt energy and breathwork like Qi Gong, massage, fertility practices and meditation.

Fun times were to be had with Rocky MMA in Australia and Ali my UK coach.

Most recently in India I was able to practice yoga on the streets with a new found community, who also supported stray dogs. I loved Bikram and Iyengar in the Pune studios. My job was at the forefront of a new gym called Multifit now a global brand. These experiences honed my expertise as a martial artist and yoga teacher. Gathering further elements such as conditioning for sports, functional fitness and HIIT.

What I realised during travel… is compassion and the innate kindness in humanity. We must want each other to succeed and demonstrate kind, love with glorious action; so that miracles and magic can be believed.

My experiences have shaped how I want you to feel after time with me. Here is a sample set list of a recent online dance event. Sweats, giggles, joy!