Hi I am Lucy, welcome to my site.

I have traveled and trained in movement, martial arts, performance and sports my whole life. I left the city, both public and private sectors to pursue a love for martial arts.

Here is a snippet into my lifestyle choices, please enjoy:
I loved my time living at Tao Garden retreat and orphanage in Thailand. It was here I remembered my passion for healing arts. I learnt the Dao which includes energy and breathwork, Qi Gong, massage, fertility practices and meditation. I gained certificates in CNT I and II, danced with wild women, trained with Muay Thai warriors in Chang Mai. There is a peaceful community in Thailand where everyone grows and shares food, this combined with temple visits to chant and just be, were very relaxing.

Energetic and fun times were to be had with Rocky MMA in Australia lots of conditioning and sweaty sparring.

Ali is my UK MMA coach and he has Japanese Karate roots. Alongside this I practiced Shaolin Kung Fu for performance with Shaolin Temple Cheshunt for four years and got to perform on stage in North London. Also performing wing chun with Linda Hall in West London schools and for charity.

Some of my most significant memories come from Pune, India where I visited Teerth Park for dynamic meditations. I was blessed to be able to practice yoga on the streets with a diverse community, who also supported stray dogs. I visited both Bikram and Iyengar Pune studios. My job was at the forefront of a new gym called Multifit now a global brand.

I have gathered coaching qualifications including from the BSY and in yogic arts. I became a level 2 England Rugby Coach and am part of the leadership academy now leading the girls section at CRFC. Here I coach seated yoga, martial art conditioning, yoga therapy for injury rehab and other mindful movement.

I also absolutely love ecstatic free dance. Here is a sample set list.