30 years plus of movement and therapeutics experience includes
Yogic arts with Duncan Wong, Sadhguru Inner Engineering and Yoga Shred/HIIT. I’m a BSY yoga therapist and specialist teacher. Frequently providing therapeutics to domestic abuse survivors according to their individual needs. Including ecstatic dance, thus harnessing a recently completed leadership course

Setting up a female section of rugby for youth aged 11-18 and in 3 yrs we hit all milestones we set out to achieve, international fixtures, 800 plus followers on instagram, full 15 a side matches, ROCKTAPE support, created a pathway for individuals and met some of the Red Roses all as a volunteer. Here I gained certificates for women and girls in sport, public speaking, low income community dynamics and behavioural support

Living in Pune, India where I visited Teerth Park for dynamic meditation and a unique spiritual experience. I am blessed to have been able to teach and practice Yog/Yoga on the streets with a diverse community. I visited both Bikram and Iyengar Pune studios. My job was at the forefront of a new gym called Multifit now a global brand, specialising in functional fitness and as their poster woman and highest paid female elite coach; helping women with fertility and their goals, alongside other pro athletes helping them understand their body and what it is capable of. Here I also helped with care and rescue of the beloved Indie dogs and subsequently bought my boy home to the UK

Practicing and coaching Shaolin Kung Fu for performance with Shaolin Temple Cheshunt for four years performing on stage in North London (spear balancing, metal bar / brick breaking / gymnastics) including coaching children and adults Kung Fu. It was here I established a herb garden for the temple I trained at to teach the children about growing their own food

Performing Wing Chun with Linda Hall in West London schools and for charities like Great Ormond Street (Butterfly Knives, Stick Forms and Animal Fu)

Regularly participating in training systems such as MMA (Sporting Chance/SBJ MMA) Krav Maga, TKD, Kickboxing and Wing Chun in the UK and Australia to ensure a variety of methods and traditions were experienced and shared with clients

Learning healing arts at Tao Garden retreat and orphanage in Thailand; massage, gut healing, energy and breathwork, Qi Gong, massage, fertility practices and meditation. I gained certificates in QNZ I and II, volunteered at an orphanage, danced with wild women and trained with Muay Thai warriors in Chang Mai while massaging folk in recovery or those simply wanting an orgasmic life.

I have been playing team sport and running since school including the London marathon in 2001! Notably, I have joyfully done all of this while fully recovering from inevitable injuries received playing impact sports

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