Lucy is a martial artist and massage therapist, with an innate understanding of how trauma and feelings can affect the body and mind.

As often as possible Lucy has travelled to learn new environments, healing and martial arts.

Today, using breathing, movement, intuition, actions, colours, sounds and expression she teaches children and adults how to create an optimal state of being within their body. Including nature for grounding techniques and nutrition for energy.

There is an element of brainwashing in today’s society that I would like to avoid. My aim is to create an environment suitable for you to make up your own mind. To tap into creativity. Establish boundaries for your well being. And eventually how to manifest with love and connection to others who have similar dreams and different attributes. You could call it harmony or symphony, or don’t name it at all, just enjoy it.”

After life/soul threatening situations, Lucy learned how to facilitate healing using her practice to intuitively understand her anatomy and achieve a peaceful mind, healthy spine, gut and body.

Lucy is now working with the Animal Fu wing chun performance team (Kung fu for children) and SLS therapy (massage).


Lucy loves to move and danced as a child. She loved athletics, netball, hockey, women’s rugby and ran the Flora London Marathon in 2001. She began training in martial arts with Reg Jones freestyle kickboxer, then playing with Muay Thai, BJJ, TKD, Shaolin, Wing Chun and Qi Gong. Looking for a style to suit her.

In performance she exhibited two finger push ups, metal breaking on the head, spear balancing, gymnastics moves and extreme flexibility. However her heart was with yoga, massage, volunteering, building a herb garden and teaching children performance and movement.

Lucy has re-learnt the beautiful ways to unravel latent abilities in herself and others and will encourage you to reach your natural state.

“There really is no one style of martial art to suit me. I can ensure they all benefit me in some way. I explore to connect with the hearts of others as that is when you give and receive the most. When the love of your simple truth can exist. That is creation. And so that all which, is left is our joy”