image by Mark Levin

The above photo captures a tong zi gong pose that I specialised in when I trained in Kung Fu. The training is typically for young males, I was 30 when I started!

I trained to overcome trauma, to remember who I am and to free my-self from situations I didn’t enjoy, like death, dull employment roles, alcoholism and abuse.

As well as performance martial arts. I trained to fight, and heal, learning several disciplines around the world.

Now I practice what feels good because I love to, for peace of mind, for abundant energy and to deal with changes that come with age and lifestyle.

I became a coach to enable others to go beyond physical and mind limits, to discover who they really are and plan how to live the life they love.

Whether you just want to train in martial art, or have suffered trauma and the effects

(bullying, injury, domestic or other violence, mental or physical abuse, self harm, alcoholism, grief, anxiety, stress)

A physical and spiritual practice can offer guidance and relief

To discuss please call me on 07970739072